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Here is a list of podcast shows, I'm trying to listen to

  • Zavtracast [ru]

    An entertaining podcast about media and games. (iTunes)

  • Radio-T [ru]

    Popular russian IT podcast. Really old one, right from 2006. (iTunes)

  • Hobby Talks Podcast [ru]

    Entertaining podcast about books and games worlds, historical events and mysteries. (iTunes)

  • Welcome to Night Vale [en]

    An unusual radio show about weird and mysterious stories happening in a fictional town. (iTunes)

  • UWP (ru)

    Hobby podcast about everyday life recorded by Umputun, russian IT guy, living in the US, Chicago. (iTunes)

  • CHILL [music]

    Perfect chill music sets produced by Artem Dmitriev. (iTunes)

  • Zavtratunes [music]

    Some nice background music mixes. (iTunes)

  • KCALTTM [music]

    Chilltrap music podcast, which sometimes fits me well. (iTunes)

And here some new ones for me, but promising:

  • Sick and Wrong [en]

    This is a new one for me, I didn't listen to it much yet, but seems promising. (iTunes)

  • Hardcore History [en]

    History in a new way of telling right in your ears. (iTunes)

  • My Father Philosoph [ru]

    New podcast about philosophy in a simple way. It is interesting sometimes to get into a field where you know absolutely nothing. (iTunes)