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Heroku CLI aliases

Heroku has nice and powerful CLI, which I am using quite heavily for company and personal stuff almost every day.

Very often I need to log in to one of my apps or to the addons, but default commands are very verbose, so here are my shorter aliases:

# Heroku
alias heroku-login="heroku login"
alias heroku-logs="heroku logs -t"
alias heroku-bash="heroku run bash"

## Addons
alias heroku-cloudamqp="heroku addons:open cloudamqp"
alias heroku-newrelic="heroku addons:open newrelic"
alias heroku-scheduler="heroku addons:open scheduler"
alias heroku-librato="heroku addons:open librato"
alias heroku-logentries="heroku addons:open logentries"
alias heroku-connect="heroku addons:open herokuconnect"

## Django-related
alias heroku-shell-plus="heroku run python shell_plus"
alias heroku-dbshell="heroku run python dbshell"